“The whole film is surreal, its out of somebody else’s imagination, out of the boys imagination largely…

The thing that I recall about the spaghetti scene was that George Cook, believe it or not, (who was the caterer) creating huge vats of spaghetti. I mean, literally cannibal-sized to boil people in pots, and guys carrying them onto the set and taking a pitchfork and literally moving it from one place to another, and the evolution of the actual action just seemed to come out of that.” Gavrik Losey


“I don’t think Americans would have gotten it…

They would have just been twiddling their thumbs until a nice song came along.” Paul Gambaccini

“But Magical Mystery Tour was not an avant-garde film. It was a visual equivalent of Sgt. Pepper:

…it broke all kinds of rules, it used some avant-garde ideas, but it made sure that there was something for everyone.”
Barry Miles